What are you most looking forward to this year?


What are you looking forward to in the new year? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, and if so, please share one or two. Is there anything you are dreading? Any changes you have made? What are you most looking forward to this year?


The one New Year’s Resolution I have made this year is to "engage" more with our children. So often I pretend to listen to them while my mind is wandering off to "what to have for dinner, when can I go shopping, how would the couch look over there…?" The days go by and while these precious souls are with me constantly, I am more concerned with barking out orders and running the ship. (more…)

What daily schedule do you follow?


What sort of daily schedule do you follow? How structured is your school time? What about chores? What tricks have you found to help you manage your time?


Through the years we have moved to a much less structured approach to schooling. By nature I live in the moment and have always found it hard to maintain a schedule, especially when the children were younger. Now, with 2 older kids read more...

What plans do you have for the summer as a homeschooling family?


I would really like to know what people do for the summer. How do they schedule, do they take a complete break, or only from some things? Do they find any disadvantages to the kids by taking a full summer break?


We have traditionally taken a full summer break, but... this year I am hoping to focus on very deliberate, yet fun, focused learning through life experiences rather than just a lazy summer. We will definitely keep going with devotions and character building. I am also hoping to do some sort of math drill practice at least a few times a month read more...

How do you develop an appreciation for nature?

willow treeTOPIC:

What do you do to develop an appreciation of nature and the outdoors in your family? Are there any activities you particularly enjoy? What resources have you found most helpful? Any other tips you have for other homeschooling families?


I remember a time when on our nature walk we "collected words". We had a notebook in which we jotted down phrases that came to mind - for example, "waters sparkling like diamonds", or "ducks squawking", or... Then we went home and created a free verse poem with our words. Our efforts were collective and we were all quite happy with the result. read more...

How do I help focus on the needs of others around Christmas time?


With Christmas approaching, our hearts and minds are often more in tune to the needs of others in our communities and around the world. What does your family do to put the focus on others in need at Christmas and give back to your community? Is there a charity you donate to, a mission you help out with, an organization you volunteer at? What ways have you thought of, but haven't necessarily tried yet, to lend a helping hand to make someone's Christmas a little brighter or their load a little lighter?


We do a few things at Christmas to put the focus on helping others. One of the things the kids look forward to every year is filling the shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse to send to a needy child in a third world country. read more...

What are your Christmas traditions?

Christmas with Charlie Brown and SnoopyTOPIC:

What are your best tips for homeschooling in December? What Christmas resources have helped you most both as a homeschooler and as a Christian family? What is your favourite Christmas tradition? What are you most looking forward to doing or focusing on this Christmas? Are you trying any new traditions this year?


Generally we don’t homeschool in December as the season is too busy and stressful, but this year, thanks to the suggestion of a friend, we’re going to adopt a country (Germany), and study and do their Christmas traditions so that we can tie school in. We’re learning about Martin Luther read more...

What did you do in the summer?


What has been the highlight so far about your summer? What are you doing to get yourself ready for the new school year? Are you making any significant changes in how you do things? What are you most looking forward to about the new year?


Our highlight has been TIME with each other and just spur of the moment happenings- like fun camping in our yard, having a camp fire and tasting smores (our first time), bicycle rides in the rain, sailing our boats, VBS camps, friends over for tea or for supper and sleep-overs. read more...

How do I deal with kids who are bored or struggling in their work?

How do you deal with your children’s attitudes when they say "I don’t want to" or "I don’t feel like it" when it comes to their schoolwork? How do you deal with their attitudes when it is because they are struggling with the work? What do you do to help them when they are struggling with the work? And for those of you with perfect children who never have a bad attitude, what factory did you buy them at?


When my kids say that they don't want to do their work, there is always an underlying cause. Is it because they need a short break? Is the work too difficult? Is it boring or mundane? Do they need to be challenged more? How much time have they spent sitting? Do they want to go ride their bikes?.... the list goes on, but there is always a reason. read more...

How do I take care of myself as a homeschooling mom?


Someone was reminding me today of the importance of self-care. What do you do to take care of yourself on a daily basis (physically/ spiritually /mentally/ emotionally)? How do you refresh yourself on an ongoing basis? What do you do when you are struggling?


I know I don't take/make the time every day to take care of myself as I should, but generally speaking I find that if I get outside for even a short walk that I am better off on every level. Something about getting fresh air, read more...