We are a Christian support group of homeschooling parents who meet monthly in the Burnaby, B.C. area to encourage each other, share information and resources, and learn new ways to help our children learn. Our meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month (September to June). Check the Calendar to see when our next meeting is due. Anyone is welcome and these meetings are usually free, however, certain presentations may incur a small registration fee for non-members (refundable if you decide to join!). Whether you're an experienced homeschooler or just thinking about it this is the group for you! Our members are from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and other communities of Greater Vancouver. If you decide to join the group, the $35.00 annual membership fee will give you access to our great library and field trips, free monthly meetings, as well as a monthly newsletter. If you still have questions at the end of a New Life meeting, or just want some social time, just plan to stay later after the meeting. It's a good time for us to get to know each other as people, not just parents!


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What are you most looking forward to this year?

TOPIC: What are you looking forward to in the new year? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, and if so, please share one or two. Is there anything you are dreading? Any changes you have made? What are you most looking forward to this year? ANSWERS: The one New Year’s Resolution I have made this year is to "engage" more with our children. So often I pretend to listen to them while my mind is wandering off to "what to have for dinner, when can I go shopping, how would the couch look over there…?" The days go by and while these precious souls are with me constantly, I am more concerned with barking out orders and running the ship. As we look toward (probably) sending our 2 eldest to school next year I wonder where the years have gone and I begin to panic that I will no longer have unlimited time with them. So I want to make each day count and somehow remember to look them in the eyes, and listen for real and really enjoy and appreciate the amazing people they are. ------- I have had the kids make some goals for themselves for the remainder of this school year, so that's something new for us. In the past, I have been the one to set goals for them such as "learn to read" and they have been aware of the goal, but really not an active pursuer of it. They had no real sense of ownership. This year I asked the kids what they would like to aim to achieve and I was... read more

What daily schedule do you follow?

TOPIC: What sort of daily schedule do you follow? How structured is your school time? What about chores? What tricks have you found to help you manage your time? ANSWERS: Through the years we have moved to a much less structured approach to schooling. By nature I live in the moment and have always found it hard to maintain a schedule, especially when the children were younger. Now, with 2 older kids in brick and mortar high school, and just 2 at home it seems it should be easier to stay on track. But I can’t do it; it’s just not me. So here’s our “schedule”: before lunch, the Math and piano practice needs to be done. Sometimes we do a writing project; occasionally Science or Social Studies. Mondays are piano lessons, Tuesdays is a regular childcare job at the church, Wed. to Place des Arts and Friday to musical theatre. The rest of the time we simply live life together. Dare I say that we’ve become un-schoolers? Maybe, maybe not. I feel like I am teaching all the time but a lot of it happens on the fly and a good deal of it has nothing to do with school curriculum. As to chores, our family is divided into dish crews, one son cuts the lawn once a week and the other does the recycling. We used to have laundry teams but now that the kids are older, we’re all responsible for our own. We pay whoever is willing to clean the bathrooms (not often enough!) and vacuum (also not often enough!). ------- I always tell people that... read more

What are some ideas for the summer?

TOPIC: What are some ideas for the summer? ANSWERS: 1) Join the summer reading club at your library. 2) Go to story time at the library. 3) Go for a family bike ride. 4) Make lemonade from fresh lemons. 5) Go to a cheap movie. 6) Plant a small garden. 7) Make smiley faces on your lunch. 8) Spend an afternoon reading under a tree. 9) Splash around in a sprinkler. 10) Hang out in a hammock. 11) Learn something new together. 12) Sew a doll’s outfit. 13) Visit a museum. 14) Go bowling. 15) Make your own ice cream. 16) Host a block party. 17) Tie-dye t-shirts. 18) Spend the day at the beach. 19) Raise butterflies. 20) Go bug-catching. 21) Press flowers. 22) Make leaf prints. 23) Raise an herb garden. 24) Take a picnic to the park. 25) Play Frisbee. 26) Paint on a canvas. 27) Paint your sidewalk or house with water. 28) Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk. 29) Pick berries. 30) Use your berries to make jam or a pie. 31) Have a water balloon fight. 32) Host a teddy bear picnic. 33) Swing on swings. 34) Play miniature golf. 35) Blow bubbles. 36) Go to a fireworks display. 37) Take a hike. 38) Build a campfire and make smores. 39) Camp in your own backyard. 40) Build a sand castle. 41) Swim. 42) Sleep late. 43) Have a watermelon seed-spitting contest. 44) Host a treasure or scavenger hunt. 45) Star gaze. 46) Go to a farmer’s market. 47) Set up an obstacle course in your backyard. 48) Run a lemonade stand. 49)... read more


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