What are you looking forward to in the new year? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, and if so, please share one or two. Is there anything you are dreading? Any changes you have made? What are you most looking forward to this year?


The one New Year’s Resolution I have made this year is to "engage" more with our children. So often I pretend to listen to them while my mind is wandering off to "what to have for dinner, when can I go shopping, how would the couch look over there…?" The days go by and while these precious souls are with me constantly, I am more concerned with barking out orders and running the ship.
As we look toward (probably) sending our 2 eldest to school next year I wonder where the years have gone and I begin to panic that I will no longer have unlimited time with them. So I want to make each day count and somehow remember to look them in the eyes, and listen for real and really enjoy and appreciate the amazing people they are.


I have had the kids make some goals for themselves for the remainder of this school year, so that's something new for us. In the past, I have been the one to set goals for them such as "learn to read" and they have been aware of the goal, but really not an active pursuer of it. They had no real sense of ownership. This year I asked the kids what they would like to aim to achieve and I was pleasantly surprised by the answers I got. Things like have a garbage pickup day once a month in our neighbourhood. We did this as a church in the spring and the kids were so into it, seeing who could find the most unusual item. They also talked about helping the poor by collecting pop cans and donating the money. My daughter wants to have a bake sale and donate the money to childhood slavery abolition. I am looking forward to helping them make these goals a reality. What I am most looking forward to this year is spending more time with my kids, engaged in their passions and interests and exploring the world around us as a family.


My main concern about starting school again was the state of our spare room. My goal still is to get the craft/school book room organized. Slowly as I have a few spare minutes the room has been improving. We are also in the process of changing some of our flooring in the house so things are likely to be placed in awkward spots for a while. Once the room is back to what I would like and the floors and painting are done then my goal would be to maintain some order. Another goal would be sticking to some of the plans I had for this year. The holidays interrupted some of our projects and my goal is to return to and complete them. I haven't made any changes except that I've had to be more flexible. We have a family situation that has taken more of my time and energy since Christmas. Plans have had to change and not all of my goals or dreams for this year may materialize. We are also getting a puppy in a week and may incorporate some dog training, reading and writing into our school work over the next few months. I am most looking forward to the spring! Even though it hasn't been a cold winter, I am still looking forward to longer days, more walks, warmer ather and enjoying creation.


I am looking forward to doing S.O.A.P. devotions with my kids. Can't wait to see and hear how they personally apply the scriptures to their life. Another area I am looking forward to is developing a much better spoken prayer life with the kids; praying scripture and taking authority in areas as the Lord reveals.

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