British Columbia has excellent laws in place that support home based learning. Parents have many options to choose from. Traditional or Registered homeschooling, Distance Education, or Enrolling in a Distributed Learning Program. Parents should know that they can choose to change their child's education option on any day of the school year.

Consult these materials for further reading.

Educational Options in BC from the BC Home Educators' Association.

BC: Comparing Classroom Alternatives

BC: What to expect during the 2021/22 school year.

BC Online Learning (Prior to 2021/22 known as Distributed Learning for Homeschoolers)

BC Homeschooling Policy
"Homeschooling allows children to work at their own pace and parents to blend family, life and schoolwork into their own schedule. Homeschooling is the full responsibility of the parent, is not supervised by a British Columbia certified teacher, is not required to meet provincial standards, and is not inspected by the Ministry of Education.
"Under the School Act, a parent may choose to provide their child with an education outside of a public or an independent school."