Legal Information from the BC Homeschool Association website.
British Columbia has excellent laws in place that support home based learning. Parents have many options to choose from. Traditional or Registered homeschooling, Distance Education, or Enrolling in a Distributed Learning Program. Parents should know that they can choose to change their child's education option on any day of the school year.

BC Homeschooling Policy statement from the BC Ministry of Education website.
"A child entitled to enrol in grades K-9 may enrol in only one educational program with a board or authority, or register for homeschooling at any school in the province, but not both.."

Definition of DL (Distributed Learning) programs:
"Distributed Learning is a method of instruction that relies primarily on indirect communication between students and teachers, including internet or other electronic-based delivery, teleconferencing or correspondence."

Comparison of Registered vs Enrolled in a DL:
"DL program is directed and supervised by a British Columbia-certified teacher ... ...  Homeschooled children's educational program is the responsibility of their parents or guardians"