What are some ideas for the summer?


1) Join the summer reading club at your library.
2) Go to story time at the library.
3) Go for a family bike ride.
4) Make lemonade from fresh lemons.
5) Go to a cheap movie.
6) Plant a small garden.
7) Make smiley faces on your lunch.
8) Spend an afternoon reading under a tree.
9) Splash around in a sprinkler.
10) Hang out in a hammock.
11) Learn something new together.
12) Sew a doll’s outfit.
13) Visit a museum.
14) Go bowling.
15) Make your own ice cream.
16) Host a block party.
17) Tie-dye t-shirts.
18) Spend the day at the beach.
19) Raise butterflies.
20) Go bug-catching.
21) Press flowers.
22) Make leaf prints.
23) Raise an herb garden.
24) Take a picnic to the park.
25) Play Frisbee.
26) Paint on a canvas.
27) Paint your sidewalk or house with water.
28) Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk.
29) Pick berries.
30) Use your berries to make jam or a pie.
31) Have a water balloon fight.
32) Host a teddy bear picnic.
33) Swing on swings.
34) Play miniature golf.
35) Blow bubbles.
36) Go to a fireworks display.
37) Take a hike.
38) Build a campfire and make smores.
39) Camp in your own backyard.
40) Build a sand castle.
41) Swim.
42) Sleep late.
43) Have a watermelon seed-spitting contest.
44) Host a treasure or scavenger hunt.
45) Star gaze.
46) Go to a farmer’s market.
47) Set up an obstacle course in your backyard.
48) Run a lemonade stand.
49) Pick up a bag of garbage at your local park.
50) Face paint.
51) Wash your car, and your neighbours’!
52) Play dress-up.
53) Write a letter.
54) Learn a new word and use it.
55) Learn to French braid.
56) Learn to tie knots.
57) Bird watch.
58) Play tourist in your hometown.
59) Make one of Mom’s or Grandma’s recipes.
60) Visit a water park.
61) Have a games night.
62) Have a make your own sundae night.
63) Decorate canvas shoes with Sharpie markers.
64) Decorate binders for the new school year.
65) Paint a room.
66) Do a science experiment.
67) Collect rocks.
68) Write your own play.
69) Start a collection.
70) Have a bubble gum blowing contest.
71) Lie on a blanket and find pictures in the clouds.
72) Go to the zoo.
73) Volunteer.
74) Go fishing.
75) Organize a neighbourhood Olympics.

From the June 2011 NLHS newsletter
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