What are you finding easy about your school year so far? What has been a struggle so far that you would like help with? Any great inspirations or ideas you have had?


Easy? I'm not sure I can think what is "easy", but we are having fun - especially with history. That's the one subject that I know will be a hit with all of the kids. Our major struggle has been getting everything in. There seems to be so many good things to do that doing the "basics" sometimes goes by the wayside. I'm still waiting for a great inspiration!

I have just finished my first term of homeschooling with my Gr. 2. As a newbie, I find I am quite often asking if this is enough. I felt tired of workbooks quite early on and found the science curriculum quite uninspiring so was putting together lessons from internet and book searches which was somewhat time consuming. I am aware though that it does take more than a few months to get to that 'feel right rhythm' so I am giving myself time to learn and make mistakes.

I continually struggle with "getting it all done" and some days I struggle with getting any done! However, I have hammered at trying to set a basic routine for a number of years and feel like that persistence is finally paying off. One other thing that has helped is giving each child a list of their independent work for the week. That way they have a sense of what they need to accomplish each day, which reduces their anxiety plus lets them keep going when I am busy with a sibling.