What outside classes do your children take? What community resources help you in schooling your children? What local activities do you access? What  great finds are there in your community?


My children are taking gymnastics, piano, and home learners’ camp. I found Bonsor Recreation Complex (Burnaby) is great at accommodating homeschoolers by providing the home learners’ camps.

I also enjoyed the loonie skate time provided at the Bill Copeland rink in Burnaby. It's during the day when there are not many people and so it was easier for kids to skate around and have fun. The loonie skate time is from 11:00 am to 1:00pm on Wednesdays.

The Arenex in New Westminster provides gymnastics lessons for homelearners during the day. It's a fantastic program that my children are enjoying immensely.


Two of my kids are in horse back riding in Langley at A & T Equestrian Center. While riding is expensive, they are the most reasonable lessons we've found and they offer a home learner's discount to take lessons during the day.

One of my kids plays hockey, so that's a big commitment, but thankfully my husband does all the running around for that, and it's worth it to see the joy playing brings my son. One of my neighbours is Quebecois and is teaching my daughter conversational French this year.

We like to go for the noon skate at Burnaby Lake Arena (Bill Copeland Sports Centre) or Moody Park Arena in New Westminster, and often go swimming at Eileen Dailly (Burnaby) using our Active passes. We have been able to utilize the Recreation Credit offered through Burnaby Connections. Using the credit, we can register for any classes that Burnaby Parks and Rec offers from art, to sports and everything in between. To find out if you qualify, check out

Another great local resource for music lessons is The Shire in North Burnaby. They offer lessons for all ages from preschool to adult. My kids have taken guitar and drum lessons as well.


There are so many great classes out there it can be tempting to try and do it all. Our big thing is eXtreme Theatre. It is a bit of a commitment, but has been well worth it! We also have music lessons and our teacher comes to our house. We usually try and do a set or two of swimming lessons in the year. Bonsor Rec Centre (Burnaby) has great home learner's classes and Queens Park Arenex (New Westminster) has an extensive line up of daytime gymnastics.


We do a gymnastics class at Club Aviva (Coquitlam) once a week. At the moment that is the only formal group we do. We also do some informal co-ops with a couple of homeschool friends, as well as a lot of field trips. We have previously done music lessons as well, but find that works better for us with an instructor who comes to our home. Pitt Meadows has some great Parks and Rec programs, and a subsidized program for low-income families.

From the October 2012 NLHS newsletter
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